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Dr. Sutton's 

Is a coffee roasting boutique that pairs its unique coffees with up and coming artistic pieces of art, from Hong Kong.

Combining Hong Kong inspired artist coffee containers for your home or coffee mugs for those who want to drink their coffee on the go. 

The design concept is - "where great boutique coffee meets great art" 


Dr. Sutton

Having studied hospitality from high school, he has since successfully continued those studies at universities in Australia and Hong Kong. Dr. Sutton picked up the professionalism of coffee both through his extensive academic and industry related careers, which were built upon his early teen years of working in some of Melbourne’s best cafes, bars and restaurants. His passion for coffee has seen him master a number of key skill sets, predominately; professional roasting, cupping and taste profiles and methods of extraction. He has had the fantastic opportunity to trial and test his knowledge and skills within the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Hotel & Tourism Management (which is consistently ranked number 1 around the world) - where he has been responsible for coordinating the F&B subjects. Dr. Sutton is currently working closely with a number of South East Asian governmental departments to enhance the horticulture of these developing nations and their local sale-abilty of great coffee.

Hong Kong inspired art,

- Helen Wong -


Helen Wong

Currently pursuing a BFA illustration course at Savannah College of Art - in Design. Helen is one of Hong Kong’s young and aspiring artists, having won the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong x SCAD Moon Cake Box challenge 2019. Her illustrations focus on fun, knowing that Hong Kong is a stress basket, her art aims to
transport you to a whimsical more enjoyable place.

“Perfection is found in the small imperfections" 

our beans

Hand sourced, with a focus on Vietnam 

Having worked closely with a number of small coffee farms around the world, Dr. Sutton's ethically sources and actively works with the communities and surrounding NGO's in the area.


Looking to not always replicate but source what is good, when it is good, helps guarantee the best end product for every brew.


A believer in YOU knowing what you like best, Dr. Sutton's aims to help aid your palate with the best beans on sale.   


Meet The Team


Jo Sutton

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Roasting director, quality sourcing explorer, tasting note creator. 



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Myanmar & Southeast Asian coffee guru, horticultural expert.


Ting Chiu 

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Founder, oversees finance and marketing activities.

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